Our Philippides Family

Welcome to the affluent family of  Philippides. Our ancestry is pure Greek without mutli- cultural marriages reaching down from my grandfather' and grandmother's bloodline.  We hail from Athens and have kept homes in the Cyclades, Santorini and Samos. 

   Aristedes Philippides / Aristocratic Road Scholar

ARISTEDES PHILIPPIDES  ( my grandfather) was born in Smyrna,  Turkey . He was of Greek descent . His father Nicolas Philippides was born in Andros, Greece  and was a shipping magnate. His ancestors hail from Athens.

Aristedes met his wife Zafiro from Samos, Greece who's family owned a leather factory .They married and immigrated to Manhattan , New York . Years later,  Aristedes moved his family to Long Island, New York  . He bought substantial plots of land in Island Park N.Y on waterfront property and custom built a stately home which had 4 dwellings to accommodate his large family and his extended family. Up until the age of 9 years old , I lived there until we moved to our own house in Baldwin ,N.Y.

Aristedes was a world traveler and often traveled with his large family to and from Greece and to other cities in exotic countries such as Casablanca and Cairo. Traveling back from Greece during WWII , their ship was raided by Nazis . It was the last ship out of Greece due to the abrupt occupation of Nazi's . How lucky they were to arrive safely in America. Aristedes was a native Greek man who spoke perfect English without a hint of a Greek accent. He was knowledgeable about many subjects such as Greek ancient history and astronomy.  He was passionate about eating healthy and wholesome food and he enjoyed growing his own fresh vegetable garden. He exercised daily and said that fresh air and deep breathing was the key to good health. Aristedes had a bigger than life personality . He enjoyed being the center of attention and making people laugh . At weddings he would often take center stage by Greek dancing . He also enjoyed playing his mandolin in his kitchen while his wife cooked delicious Greek cuisine. Aristedes was a frugal man and made many of us laugh with his savy style of saving money. He sadly died on Christmas Eve . He  had a heart attack as he was walking to his sons house in the dire cold carrying a  Christmas gift of Champagne .

MARY PHILIPPIDES - (my mother) daughter of Aristedes and Zafiro grew up in Island Park, New York. Mary was aesthetically beautiful . She was a beauty queen in her early adult life and winning the Greek American Pageant title (GAPA). From there she studied acting and singing in New York City and she was a member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Like her father , she believed in a healthy nutrition and often spent a good deal of her time researching the benefits of the vegetarian diet. She was an advocate of fasting for good health and she was a pioneer in her community in omitting red meat from her family's diet .

Mary Philippides/ Beauty Queen (Miss Greece GAPA), Screen Actors Guild Actress
The Extended Philippides Family From Greece
Lourett Russell Grant - Performing Artist /Aristocrat .
A descendant of the Philippides bloodline and administrator of this site.
Mary Philippides winning Miss Greece Pageant at 18 years old
My grandmother Zafiro placing a family heirloom on my mother's wrist on her wedding day.

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